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Give a frog a home this Christmas! Choose from our preformed ponds, or pond liner wildlife pond kits. Remember Christmas Day is only 3 months before the first day of astronomical Spring. Our frog friends are now hibernating at the moment, having sweet dreams of a new pond where they can leap about and have baby tadpoles. Winter is a great time to add a pond, as once the hole is dug and pond fitted on a bright winters day, it can fill naturally with snow and rainwater, ready to be found by frogs, toads, and even possibly newts, when they wake up from their seasonal snooze. Wildlife ponds are not only great for amphibians, but great for humans to! Garden ponds are tranquil and can help you relax, especially if you order a solar fountain, as well, to create the soothing sound of running water. Anyone who loves nature and receives a garden pond this Christmas will be happy as a, err .....a frog in a pond!!!

Welcome to, the quick and easy way to get a wildlife pond in your garden. Adding a pond to your garden is one of the best things you can do to make it wildlife friendly. It can attract frogs, toads, newts, aquatic insects and birds to your garden. Not only are wildlife ponds great for nature, they make an attractive and relaxing feature in the garden. There is preformed plastic pond molds for sale, ideal for small and average sized gardens, as well as various sizes of pond liners with underlay, which are great for making larger sized wildlife ponds. All prices include fast UK delivery (including Northern Ireland) and delivery is usually 1 to 2 working days from the date of order.