Gardenpondshop.co.uk is a niche micro site, which is part of www.gardenis.co.uk which sells a wider range of garden products, such as water butts, sheds, composters, as well as a pond and water feature section. Gardenpondshop.co.uk aims to make getting a wildlife pond for your garden quick and easy. Having a pond in your garden is one of the best things you can do for local wildlife, including toads, frogs, newts, aquatic insects and birds. A wildlife pond also makes a lovely garden feature, and it can be fascinating to see what animals visit the pond over time.

Payment and Returns

You are welcome to return the product, unused, within 14 days if it is not to your satisfaction, as in keeping with the Distance Selling Regulations. Please email for the warehouse address, do not sent to the mail address below.

Payment is via secure Paypal (Note. you do not need a paypal account, just debit or credit card.), a well known global payment solution. On your bank or credit card statement 'NJP TRADING' will appear on it, that is your gardenpondshop.co.uk order. If you do not want to pay by Paypal, all of the products on this site are also available on the main website, www.gardenis.co.uk which also accepts Stripe card payments.


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