Pond Ducks

If you are installing a pond, you might stop and think what fun it would be to have ducks using it, but resign yourself to the fact your humble little garden pond is too small for ducks and none live nearby anyway. The good news is that although no guarantee, there is a possibility that one day you will go into your garden, and be shocked at the sight of ducks happily paddling about in your pond. As the social media below, embedded from Twitter and Youtube show, this is exactly what happened to these people. The video 'Leyland Ducks' is a video diary and story (with over 1 million views!) of a Koi Pond being visited by Mallards, that then had ducklings, which all used the average sized garden pond. Then just as the ducklings were near adult size, along came a whole new brood of ducklings. The pond was jam packed with ducks! Even if ducks don't stay long, they also can use it as a stop off, like a Motel, whilst on their travels. It's just luck as to whether they use your garden pond or not, but some cover near the pond, such as reeds, will probably increase the chances of them hanging about, as this provide them with a safe place to sleep, or even nest. Look at how happy the pond owners are!