Solar Pond Fountains

Adding a solar fountain to your pond can make it into a tranquil water feature. The sound of the moving fountain water is so relaxing! No mains power is required and they can be used at night using the battery which is powered during the day from the solar panel. Various sizes are available, to suit different pond sizes. Having a pond fountain has no adverse effect on wildlife, and can also help oxygenate the pond. Choose from the fountain options below and if you would like to order one, select from the drop down list then click add to cart bottom. The add to cart button is at the bottom of the page.

Solar Floating Fountain

This floating fountain has integrated solar panels, and pumps the water at 200 litres per hour. It can gently move about the pond, and lights up at night. It can be operated using the remote control, which is included. Diameter - 30cm.

Operated by remote control (supplied) that provides 4 different control options:

A) Timer (Runs fountain for 60 minutes then switches off automatically)

B) White LED Lights On/Off

C) Fountain Height Up or Down

D) Fountain On / Off


Solar 200 litre Fountain

This is the smallest size of the static solar pond fountains, with a solar panel that is placed by the side of the pond, and attached with a cable. Ideal for a small pond or water feature, such as a half whisky barrel.

Solar 300 litre Fountain

Solar 400 litre Fountain

Ideal for a large water feature or small to medium sized pond. The solar panel is placed next to the pond.

Solar 600 litre Fountain

Ideal fountain for a medium sized pond.

Solar 800 litre Fountain

A great fountain for a medium to large pond, with a high fountain spray.

UK (including Northern Ireland) delivery included.

Delivery time - usually 3 to 5 working days.

Tracking will be added to orders when received from the delivery company. This will then send an automatic email to you with the details.