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Frequently Asked Questions about Garden Pond Kits

What does the pump do?

The pump feeds dirty water to the filter.

What does the filter do?

Using mechnical and biological filtration it cleans the pond water. The filter captures the dirt and returns clean water to the pond. It accumulates fish waste, algae, decomposing plant matter etc.

Does the filter need to be cleaned?

Yes, approximately once every 3 months. Regular maintenance is required to keep the pond water clear.

What about the electric power to power the pump. What is the best way to sort this out?

Filters and pumps are designed to be permanent fixtures and as such should be hard wired into an outdoor electrical switch box by an electrician or a competent person. All equipment is plugless.

Do I need to do anything more than dig a hole to prepare the pond?

It is not recommended to locate the pond in a high water table area. Best practice is to add a couple of inches of sand in the hole. This can help prevents piercing of the underlay and liner by sharp stones and roots.

Are these pond kits suitable for keeping Koi fish?

Not a full stocked Koi only pond, because the filter can't cope with the amount of poop waste Koi produce! However Goldfish, Golden Orfe, Shubunkins can all be added to your pond. So, a few Koi can be kept with other ornamental fish in a mixed pond (not the smallest sizes).

What are Golden Orfe and Shubunkins?

Similar to Goldfish. Golden Orfe as the name suggests are golden yellow in colour. They can grow to about 1.5ft (46cms) in length, are quite thin bodied and can live for up to 20 years. Adult Shubunkins are about 10 to 15 inches in length, they are mottled in colour, white, black and orange and have fantails. They can also live many years.

Should I add any aquatic plants to the pond?

Yes oxygentors and marginals will create an oxygen rich and healthy environment. It is recommended about 40% of the surface is covered with plants such as water lillies, eg Water lilies. The fish like a place to hide, and can offer shade from the sun on hot days.